Tiny Rebel illustrations

I have been working on a baby/children’s clothing range for Tiny Rebels. Alot of the characters were inspired by my 8 month old son and our family life. I wanted it to be an alternative to whats out there already. designs

Here is what my design look like on clothing. http://www.tinyrebels.co.uk

tiny rebels


The sketch book

sketch book

Today I’m letting you lucky people delve deep into the scary place that is my sketch books..
My books are full of crazy little animals, odd random faces and just the general junk that spills out of my head…if it doesn’t get out it sits and waits churning around my brain driving me slowly insane. *twitch* So I carry a pen and little book around with me (most of the time) just incase an idea comes along that needs purging.

Illustration friday – Burst

This weeks illustration word is burst..Recently I read something about blackberrys being picked in September and thought this was odd as they are always amalgamated in those horrible summer fruit puddings. As this has been playing on my mind I thought I would base my illustration on blackberrys and a little fly that was chancing his luck to get to the berry juice.

…….that will change my life!

Here are some sketches from earlier in the day. I have just found the art of drawing straight onto a computer screen using a pen. My department at my new job all have tablet screened computers. We opperate them with pens tapping away at the screen instead of using a mouse. So yesterday I opened photoshop and relised that the pen and tablet will actually change my life.

scribble horse

Big red lips