My name is Sydonia,

Welcome to my blog!  This is all about my art work and the craziness that comes spilling out of my head.

A lot of my life revolves around art and design in some way. I’m a mum to be and  I spend a lot of time drawing. I already have made a success of http://www.ragsnstitches.co.uk, designing and making one off bunnies. But my first love is drawing and I really want to make a success of this too. I would love it if people liked my crazy drawings. I try to add as much humor into my creations as I can because it makes me laugh and I’m hoping to make others laugh too.

Its a great feeling to just let you pencil or pen take its own course. Not worrying too much if you make a mistake because that adds to the character of the picture. The more I draw the more I grow. I like to experiment with styles and texture. I also love to see if I can capture movement and feeling. This are my tasks when I set of to create that perfect picture, and if I can portray some of these things then I feel I have been successful.

I hope you like the blog and enjoy the artwork/ideas I put up here.

Please feel free to leave comments. I would love to hear your thoughts and views

🙂 Enjoy people x


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