New creations…crafted by moi!

Hey all i’d like to share with you some of my latest bunny creations. So here goes… please click on the image to get a better view and enlarge.

So the last few weeks have been crazy. My Sew bunny orders are coming in thick and fast. Just enough for me to handle, what with working in a separate full time job too. But i’m loving every second of it and im conternatly surprised when people say they want a bunny straight after seening one already made. I dropped one bunny off to a couple of people in a pub and walked out with a few more orders. Its great!!! But the best thing is designing. Bringing other peoples ideas for life. Iam a trained designer with many college courses and a BA (hons) in Design from Middlesex university, so doing something that lets me have all the say in how the bunnies look is the most awesome thing. My day job dosent give me this satifaction. Every creative bod needs and outlet.

Just a quick post. Oh happy easter.!!!!! 🙂