Illustration Friday – Journey

  This weeks topic for illustration Friday is…..Journey!

I drew a wee little bumble bee, wizzing and a buzzing happy as can be. On his way to fill his sacks with little yellow fuffs of pollen. Then back to the hive just in time for tea!!


The making of shrimpton

Prawn star

Prawn star

Plucky crustacean of the deep blue sea. Shrimpton finds it hard to stay out of trouble. Ducking and diving through the shipping lanes and reefs. This is one tough prawn with his beady eye on the prize at all times. Lover of the lime light the red hot shrimp is the oceans natural prawn star!!

The making of…. Shrimpton

Shrimpton came to me as a natural progression from previous designs and characters. He was created as a type of henchman character for a mafia style boss of the sea called Strange little fish. Through creating stories and developing various plot lines involving some shady behaviour and a Clam Intelligence Agency. A shrimp with attitude was born.

The original concept was to have a regular prawn sitting in a dark and dingy bar, bent over a beer with nothing much to hope for and most of life gone by, the typical down and out. But Shrimpton grew younger as the character developed and the sketches got stronger. The final design is based on a doodle I drew at work. This in turn was coloured cleaned up and is the shrimp we all know and love today.

Shrimpton has his own range of t-shirts at
As well as some of the other characters in the range. Go check them out and make shrimpton the prawn star he is.

There is something not quite right about the prawn!!!!!

Enjoy 🙂

Prawn star!

Prawn star!

blog from the berry

I have word press on my blackberry now wooo hooo. So I can blog everywhere currently I am standing at broxbourne train station waiting forever for my train to whisk me to work!

Honestly it has taken me three days to work out how this works. It must be said technology is not a strong point. I’m only recently got my new blackberry. I had to buy something new after I dropped my old phone in the bath. My old cup on a string samsung slide phone was the best thing ever. And for all its behind the times technology after being dunked in a bubble filled bath it still works…but I have decided to leave it there and it is now relegated to reserve phone position. So goodbye old phone and welcome to the new smart phone world, that will allow me to wordpress! Yey!